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Friday, April 9, 2010

Just had to let it out.

Holding this in for a while now.
Hi guys. My absence is due to my grandma's death. Now, what I'm about to type out is just a "stress relief" post. Family issues...If you don't want to read, just stop here. But if you still want to read, regardless of my rants and feelings, thank you. I love you guys! Okay, I'm going to start by spilling out what I'm thinking at the moment. Right now its more of irritation then being sad. I'm going to start from Weds, April 7th, 2010. So, I went to work Monday & Tuesday. Got a call that grandma was very ill Weds morning. I had no choice but to call in work. Also, my inter. was the same exact day. Why? I don't know. It just came out that way... *sighs. That day, I went in and grandma was telling me to read something off a "doctor's note." & I did. Then she smiled. The next day, I came by again... this time...shes much worse. She was completely paralyzed, sight was blurry, & couldn't talk. My gosh... I was so heartbroken. I couldn't say goodbye to her in a way she could respond to me. I felt the pain for my aunts and of course S. *Sighs. Oh yeah, What I was told was that, the hospital she was in wasn't treating her right. She treated her as if she was an object. But when an Asian nurse came, she treated her well. Then the Asian nurse had to go, and some (I really don't want to say this...) "other" nurse came, and was acting as if she was racist. So grandma demanded to go back to her home and die there instead. That evening, the oxy tank came and there she was lying in the living room (in her home) on the hospital bed with a tank next to her. You could imagine how everyone felt. Thursday, I thought I could go back into work... UNTIL...*Sighs! I had to call off for Thursday & Friday. Why? Because at exactly 2PM when nobody was looking, grandma fell asleep forever. I was told that when someone dies, they don't want anyone looking at them when they past away. So I guess, first I left at around 1:40PM with S to drop off a letter off at his work and to drop me off at work... We ended up getting a call to go back to grandmas right away. Right then, we knew that she was gone. Also, she pasted away on her birthday at the exact same time she was born except it was AM. *Sighs. People think that she was waiting for everyone to turn around and talk to family members then she would go... I love grandma soooo much. She has helped soooo much. The whole family loves her a lot. S promised her that he would become a monk once she day had come, so right now... S requested 2 weeks off in order to do what he promised to grandma, which was to become a monk for how ever many days it takes to keep grandma happy. I'm having this feeling again. This is the second time that I've been through this. The first with my father, now with my only grandma. I never met my grandmas in Vietnam nor Cambodia. This was the only grandma I met and whom I loved sooo much. She raised S so well, and raised J & J as well. M is struggling but it takes time to heal... I was also told that right now grandma thinks shes alive...but after seven days she will realize that she has pasted away... *Sigh. I'm sure at this moment, nobody will ever forget her. She was the sweetest grandma, mom, grandmother to us. So, thats why I've been missing a lot. Her Christian ceromony is tomorrow at a church, then a Buddhist ceremony at a temple on Sunday. S will be presented but nobody can call him by his name because he was a monk. (did it for grandma) Yes, she was a believer. Shes the one that made me believe in all kinds of things that I never once did before. Its hard but sometimes you got to let go of the one of you love for awhile because when they are back you will realize how much love you had for them. The other thing is that, we have a choice of moving to Maryland or staying in Minnesota. I love Minnesota a lot, its where I was raised... but I think its time that S & his family move on to where they can get a lot of support. I love you grandma. Everything you see, we did it for you. Especially your real family members. ♥

T tells me to think us to think of it this way:
Grandma is happy where she is. No pain, stress, drama, hate, etc to worry about. Were the ones that will be in pain because the living will always live a life full of hate and stress. T says that the one that are suffering are the living. So now that grandma will be resting peacefully, she won't have to worry about a thing. *sighs.

Once everything has healed... it will go back to normal.
Thanks everyone for the love and support.
If you really read all of this, thank you. I appreciate it a lot.
& the e-mails that help me reminisce the past...thanks for that.

I'm sorry this had to be a sad post. Forgive me?

Katie Ngo

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Giveaway announcement (CLOSED)

Katie Ngo's First Giveaway!
Okay, I finally got the chance & time to put up my giveaway! I want to thank you gals for supporting my blog throughout the months. Even though I've been MIA for most of the time, you guys still showed your support regardless! I will try not to be MIA often. I've met amazing bloggers, and just started talking to some more amazing bloggers! You guys are simply amazing. You guys make me so happy. I appreciate all the e-mails, messages, comments, everything! Just for this, I've decided to do my first giveaway which is only for my readers/followers! New followers welcome!

My first giveaway prize! Its not much, but its what I can definitely give to show my appreciation!
Keep in mind, the more readers, the better the prizes will get for my future giveaways. :]
Coastal Scents 88 Warm Palette
Brand new in box. [only opened once, of course to make sure it looks good.

Whats a fair giveaway without the rules? ^^
First of all:
If under 18, please get permission to join and to give out address if you are a winner
Product was purchased with my own money.
I will be using to pick the winner
1 entry: Must be a follower [will check to be fair!] Comment below saying anything you want to say to me! Also, comment me your e-mail addresses, so I can notify you if you are the winner.
For you overachievers!
2 entries: Post my first giveaway on your blog post and/or sidebar with photo above these rules! :] & if you did, please also comment below and tell me the URL so that I can keep track properly. [Doesn't matter if separate comments or not, I'll know!]
You can have a total of 3 entries!

FIRST FIVE THAT JOINS WILL AUTOMATICALLY GET ONE EXTRA ENTRY.I want to know! (Optional, would love it if you could answer. Would definitely help me!)
HINT: A way of seeing whose actually reading my posts.
Should I make a Twitter account?
UPDATE: I just made a twitter account. ^^
Follow me!
(I just joined Twitter, so following me on Twitter is not required for my first giveaway! Can if you want though.)
Would love that. :]
Why do you want this palette?

Giveaway ends Saturday, March 27th, 2010.
What are you waiting for?
You have plenty of time to enter!

Who can enter: Anyone that's a follower, its international!

Note to self & readers: If I don't get enough entries, I can cancel anytime. Thanks!
Note to readers: If you don't feel comfortable or just don't want your public information shown (in this case, your e-mail), you can e-mail me at

See, plain & simple. :]
Wish all of you luck!

Katie Ngo
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